Kuo-tung Kao

Learning, Thinking and Sport

Software Developer

Skills/Softwares: Django Pyhton Ludei Celery Socket.io Javascript
  • Use Django to create game server.
  • Use Ludei to create app for android.
  • Implement Baccarat, Dou dizhu, Blackjack in Django.
  • Use Sokcet.io for real time communication.

Research & Development

Skills/Softwares: Python OpenStack Docker Ansible Django Javascript Angularjs
  • Use Django, Angularjs to create another OpenStack dashboard.
  • Study for Ceph, Cinder, Glance, Horizon, Kolla, etc.
  • Contribute to Cinder, Glance, Horizon, Kolla.
  • Be a member in OpenStack Kolla team.
  • Study architecture for OpenStack/IoT/integration between OpenStack and IoT
  • Study new thing like iron.io.